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We are located in a small town just outside of Atlanta Georgia - Austell. Janet and I started FHT to have something to occupy Dan's time. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, and I have a lot of experience in scratch building wargaming accessories: buildings, rivers, roads, fences, etc. I also worked for myself as a handyman, so building/sculpting came naturally. 

I researched sculpting, mold making, and casting. I am self taught in most aspects of the company. I was able to expand because the resin and mold material was no longer as toxic and it did not require a special workspace and a bunch of other tough requirements. We started in the summer of 1996 with a few products sold on our website. Our first convention was Cold Wars in 1999.

The name, Foxhole Terrain, did not originate from my last name. I took a break from gaming to get back into live music. I have played drums for 35+ years. It was one of my first loves. We have a full basement, so I turned it into a large music room.

Our basement is almost completely underground, and one of the first musicians to visit said it was like a foxhole. He did not know my last name at the time. The band constantly called the music room the foxhole, so the room was christened “The Foxhole”.

When I first started sculpting and making molds, it was in the music room, “The Foxhole”. Since I was mainly making terrain stuff, we decided to call the company Foxhole Terrain.