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15mm Buildings
Most buildings have removable roofs
All products are supplied unpainted

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Stone Stable
stable.jpg (46437 bytes)
2 x 2
Item Number: G5001
Price: $10.00
Stone/Wood Barn
15mm barn.jpg (59420 bytes) 15mm barn 2.jpg (64940 bytes)
3 x 2
Item Number: G5003
Price: $15.00
Out Buildings
15mm outbuildings.jpg (81211 bytes)
6x buildings
Item Number: G5005
Price: $8.00
Small Wood Cabin
15mm small slat 1.jpg (57109 bytes) 15mm small slat 2.jpg (59093 bytes)
Item Number: G5007
Price: $8.00
Plank House
15 plank house.jpg (66202 bytes)
2" x 4"
Item Number: G5011
Price: $10.00
Stone House
15 stone house 1.jpg (75593 bytes)
2" x 4"
Item Number: G5013
Price: $10.00
Large Wood/Stone House
Item Number: G5009
Price: $10.00
Plank Building
plank building.jpg (39851 bytes)
Item Number: G5109
Price: $8.00
Plank Cabin
stone - plank cabin.jpg (118455 bytes) stone plank house.jpg (91277 bytes)
Item Number: G5011
Price: $10.00
Large Plank House
large plank.jpg (87064 bytes)
Item Number: G5021
Price: $10.00
Stone Building
stone building.jpg (73764 bytes)
Item Number: G5015
Price: $8.00
Large Wood House
large wood.jpg (77132 bytes)
Item Number: G5409
Price: $10.00
Stone Romanesque Church
roman church 1a.jpg (71116 bytes) roman church 1.jpg (90117 bytes)
Item Number: G5421
Price: $18.00
Large Stone House
large stone.jpg (79471 bytes)
Item Number: G5405
Price: $10.00
"EL" Stone Ruins
WWII EL ruin 1.jpg (60928 bytes)
1 piece
Item Number: R5107
Price: $5.00
Large Stone Ruins
large ruins.jpg (85232 bytes)
2x pieces
Item Number: R5103
Price: $8.00
Medium Stone Ruins
medium ruin 2.jpg (66797 bytes) medium ruin 1.jpg (72448 bytes)
4x pieces
Item Number: R5105
Price: $8.00
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